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AsiaiGo Growth Partner is a Singapore registered company (UEN 201811522G) founded by Olivier Guibert, a French entrepreneur who has worked for more than 25 years in Enterprise Software across multiple industries and territories, including Asia where Olivier spent the last 15 years developing and running the Asia business of international companies.

“AsiaiGo” is a play on word made up of “Asia” – our targeted territory – and “Igo” the Japanese name for the Asian strategy game of Go. We believe our consultants possess the same skills set required to be expert Go players: strategy for planning, tactics for execution and analysis for adaptation.

We draw on a large personal and trusted network of seasoned professionals, advisors and mentors to provide you with the expertise and know-how to take your Asia business from its infancy to its next growth spur and beyond.

Want to experience the expertise of AsiaiGo Growth Partners for yourself? Get in touch today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.


Discover Our Expertise

We provide business development, sales and operations management services to fast-growing high-tech international companies wanting to grow and accelerate their business in the Asian market. Our services presented below are grouped mainly for representation purposes. We will sit down with you prior to any engagements to agree on the specific list of services that makes sense for your Asian project.

Short-term engagement – typically 3M to 6M

Confirm what Asia could mean for Your Business

  1. Create your Asia territory Go-To-Market plan inclusive of channel strategy as required

  2. Provide the characteristics of the APAC market for your business and an assessment of the initial interest in your technology

  3. Leverage existing contacts and relationships to both create and nurture opportunities for your business thus creating a pipeline of qualified opportunities

  4. Expand awareness and visibility of your brand and value proposition to local prospects including channels and local analysts if appropriate

  5. If possible, progress through commercial and contractual negotiations, first deals (or PoC) to closure

  6. Support the development of local cost and pricing models as well as marketing collaterals

  7. Organisational Consulting - what organisation structure should be put in place to support Asia

Mid to long-term engagement – typically 12M to 24M (can be in prolongation of a short-term engagement)

Transform into a Fully Operational Asian OpCo

  1. Develop, own and execute on Asia annual business plans including bottom up annual sales forecasts, marketing, channels and partners, solution and product regional strategy, resources and operational budget in order to meet revenue targets and business objectives

  2. Manage the administrative, HR, financial aspects of the Asia operations / Manage region P&L

  3. Act as senior point of contact and provide leadership across all functional areas in region (i.e. Sales, Marketing, Account Management, Customer Success, Delivery Services, Maintenance and Support, Admin)

  4. Develop and manage key relationship with C-level executives in existing and new customer base

  5. Manage regional SIs, hardware and technology partners

  6. Manage and develop press and analysts relations

  7. Act as APAC voice for all related activities with executive team at global HQ

  8. Adapt and or suggest, if required, delivery and commercial models (e.g. SaaS, revenue sharing, PAYG) to meet customer expectations in Asia and increase win rate

  9. Set up the organisation in Asia across all functional groups and act as your corporate representative; manage all aspects of the local business administrative activities

  10. Create and grow the organisation to the right size to support the on-going business and its future growth

Note: depending on the sale cycle of your products certain activities might shift from the short to mid/long term groups above. Again nothing presented here is set in stone and we will discuss the scope of activities with you to achieve the objectives of your Asian project.


Helping Businesses Blossom in Asia


Ideally, we seek to partner with small and medium size ENTREPRISE SOFTWARE businesses with solutions designed for the TELECOMMUNICATIONS industry leveraging Smart ICT Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, DLT/Blockchain, Robotics, Smart Apps and Analytics. Solutions could be for example in the following areas:


  • IoT / M2M

  • Customer Engagement and Success (CX)

  • Cybersecurity

  • Digital Advertising and Engagement

Your solution is not in one fo the above areas? It is ok as these are just examples, We are always keen to hear about and discuss with companies having a growth project in Asia. So, let not the list above be a show stopper and do not hesitate to contact us!


What do we mean by Asia?

Companies define Asia in many different ways, that can go from left to right, India and the other SAARC countries to Japan; and from top to bottom, China to Australia. It is a vast territory with many different business cultures and degrees of economic development. We believe an initial geographic focus is required to deliver strong and sustainable success. This focus will depends where are the low hanging fruits for your solution but it is our experience that South East Asia (SEA) is a solid seeding ground. It is also a place where AsiaiGo has many of its C-level relationships and we are ready to leverage them to your benefits. 


Use Case #1

European start-up | < 100 people WW | Network Analytics and CEM | 24M


1 existing customer in APAC with an existing pipeline of opportunities – 1 staff in Asia


Key objectives: grow and manage the operations of the business in APAC end to end | set up local subsidiary and act as corporate representative


Meet Our Leadership Team

Olivier Guibert

Founder and CEO

A well-grounded, people minded Global Senior Executive leader in the Enterprise SW industry with remarkable professional integrity who leads from the front to drive sustainable business growth through value-creation and build organisation and operations frameworks for high performance.  Throughout the last two decades and half of leadership – and the last 15 years in Asia – Olivier has developed a seasoned know-how in all aspects of growing the business of large and heavily matrix-ed companies and in taking high-tech start-ups to market. During his entire career he has earned an unwavering respect from all stakeholders.


Olivier holds a MBA from Cranfield School of Management (1998) and a Master (MSc) from the Institute of Computer Science and Automatic Control Engineering of Lorraine (1988).

More recently he earned a Certificate from Oxford University on Blockchain Strategy (2018)


Contact us and find how our services can benefit your Asia project.


Why AsiaiGo Growth Partners?

  • The AsiaiGo team assigned to you actively manage YOUR PROJECT ONLY at any given point in time.

We do not do part-time projects across multiple customers. Our success depends solely in our ability to deliver on your Asian project objectives. We fully recognise how critical the investment you are making in Asia is as part of your global growth strategy and we strongly believe that fully justifies our attention 100%.

  • We focus on HIGH TECH B2B SOLUTIONS for TELCOS as our main market.


We go beyond developing a growth strategy and "walk the talk", leading the cross functional execution and operation management required to deliver on the Asian business objectives.  

  • We have an EXTENSIVE NETWORK at OPERATORS augmented by CROSS-INDUSTRY, MULTI-FUNCTIONAL GROUPS EXPERTS, the Cranfield School of Management, Oxford University and other businesses alumni. 


Our team is equipped with a cumulated business leadership expertise of more than a quarter of a century and with support of our extensive network, 


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